6.7. Strömstad

The wind grew stronger a lot tonight. We pack everything into the Do2000 and off we go. We need civilization again, we need internet and we need food before we leave the cheap sweden. Also we want to get in contact with possible hosts in Oslo. The last bigger city, or lets say village, next to the border is Strömstad. We eat some Kötbullar and check our the shopping mall which is completely overrun by norwegians. We buy an air pump and find a camping south west of the town that provides Internet and is not too touristic. And then, there was the rain again. You can not believe how that might ruin the mood. Everything gets wet and the camping has only internet around the reception. There is a place with a roof but no walls and without electricity so we sit there, get wet anyways and freeze. Then we went into the car and instead of cooking we eat bread again and later we go in our cold, cold tent. no pictures today, no need to take them.

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