7.7. Strömstad and an unforeseen twist

It is not getting better. The weather still sucks. Packed together the totally wet tent, back to the wet internet place and no positive answers from couch surfing. The mood is at a low. Back to the city, still packed with norwegians. But we manage to buy some rain-boots and some food. The positive rush of consume doesn’t last very long. We decide to stay in sweden and find a place with a roof and internet until we manage to find a host in Oslo. In the tourist info we are sent to a hostel which turned out to be some kind of old military barracks with a highly pedantic owner. Thanks, but no thanks. So we drive inlands to find a cheaper and not so touristic place. We are looking for signs that say “rum” but there are none. Instead we find a sign that says “öppet”. So whatever is “öppet”, maybe they can send us to a “rum”. And tadaa, we met the first swedes that don’t speak english. Anyways we understand each other, they describe us a way and we buy some amazing crabs. The house we find is cheap and clean and just perfect. We have our own room and a cat. A big lodge provides enough space to hang around, cook, eat and Internet. The meal Danny cooked is a high rank in the top ten meals ever eaten!! Then we take a walk “into town” and listen to some swedish country music. What an unforeseen twist. The mood is at a high :)

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