4.7. Tjörn

Kalle is doing a lot better today. He slept a lot and we can move on. We had a great time at Dominique and Johan and maybe we convinced them to visit us for a wine tour this fall. That would be great fun.

Our next stop is the island of Tjörn. We visit the natural and sculptural sight of Pilane. It inherits some very old graves, some very new sculptures and some very friendly sheep, all settled in a mystic landscape. I like a lot that the sculptures and the landscape amplify each other. The chinese temple on top of the hill is the highlight with a great view over the sea and the other small islands.

Afterwards we drove around the island a little longer and had a look at the aquarell museum. But instead of going in we drink a tea on the terrace and discover that the fjord is very invaded by jellyfish.

By ferry we reached another small island where we settle just in front of the water and the pier. I enjoy the cooking, the food, the guitar and a book. And still no moskitos. What a surprise!

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