30.06. Göteborg

This morning we are lucky with the weather. No rain, even some sunbeams here and there. After a nice breakfast on the pier we head to Göteborg. And as we find out at the free Wi-Fi station of a McDonalds: another couch request fail. So we drive to town and start our culture-program again. This time the museum of world cultures. Amazing building, great exhibitions. Informative and touching at the same time. A must see if you come to Göteborg. Before leaving, we ask the guy at the counter for some tips regarding the city and if he knows someone who offers couch surfing. He tells that he will see what he could do and call us later. So we visit the city a little longer, check out the beach volleyball tournament and get a fine for parking too long which is absolutely too expensive! Then we decide to leave the town as still we didn’t find an accommodation. On our way out Johan calls us and provides to stay at his place. We spent the evening with his family, some great wine and a great talk.

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