26.06. Sweden

We did it! We entered the scandinavien peninsula. As i am writing I sit in the sun on a first class campground next to Mölle. After we couldn’t manage to find a couchsurfing-host in Malmö we spent the first night here in the car just outside the town. Weather was still windy at lots of rain. Anyways we visited the town, both yesterday and today. The new built part of the city around the “turning torso” looks really great and the coffee in the town center tasted very well.

Today we visited the city-museum. A strange mixture of exhibitions awaited us:

- fashion of the twenties

- the castle of malmö

- warfare in the middle ages.

- especially around malmö

- modern art

- natural historic part

- aquariums

- technology

- rockphotography

After that cultural overdose we decided to leave the town and headed north. And here we are, on this beautiful campsite.

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  1. Hans Jürgen Berthold

    ich vermisse das jeweilige Datum, ansonsten stets beeindruckende Texte so wie Bilder
    einfach Klasse

  2. Barah

    geiler törn!
    museum mit durcheinander ist ja immerhin besser als kein museum, haben sich die malmönesen gedacht :) küsse nach schweden!

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