18.07. Stavanger

This morning we left the campground to breakfast near the sea. After some searching we found a beautiful spot. Chilling cows, shining sun and some ham and eggs. Perfect! Norway knows how to keep us here. We took a sunbath in the dunes and sheltered from the wind it was so hot that we decided to go for a swim. Uuuuhhh.. very, VERY cold. With life running through all our veins we went to the city center. Museum-Time! The Stavanger Museum awaited us with some nice exhibitions about the history of the city, the surrounding nature and the wonder of birth. Afterwards we took a walk through the city and liked it a lot. Lots of small houses, in total a gone to seed down but really sympathetic. Next to a museum-farm with lots of animals but no people we found a nice place to spend the night.

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  1. Johan af Wetterstedt

    Hi there! You are really unlucky whith all the rain. Scandinavia is normally not this bad. But it is the same for all of us. We took a small trip to the south of Sweden and Demnark last week. And I promiss you – it was rain all the time. But after a few beer I could care less. Take care and lets hope fore the weather to change.
    Regards Johan

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